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Wall Murals!

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I’ve started doing wall murals! It something I have enjoyed doing in my home so much, I’ve run out of blank walls. Therefore I have taken over friends walls and hopefully soon, I can be doing it more and more!

This mural was tricky to measure out. As soon as I got the grid drawn and the colors locked – it was a blast. Here are a few pictures of the process!

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The Growlery

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A Growlery is a place to retreat to, alone, when ill-humoured. ‘The Growlery’ is what friends of mine call their downstairs apartment. I designed a graphic for a wall mural to put on their wall above the staircase.

With no perimeters I was able to go to town on the design and the following are my favorite options!

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My Etsy Shop!

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I did it! I finally made the plunge, put a price on some work and opened a shop.

Evelyn Leigh makes stuff is now open for business!!

It feels good. Here are examples of the paintings that I have featured so far:

I found these fabulous vintage landscapes around Los Angeles and with some new custom typography – they have a new modern life! I wanted them to feel like an old postcard, hence the “Missing You” and the “Hello There”.

I’m a firm believer in good art being affordable, so I tried to keep them as cheap as I could.

Hope you like them and more to come in the shop!

This is She.

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Grace Rex is an amazing actress, writer and friend. Her new short film, THIS IS SHE, is being made right now! It’s about a woman in a new apartment, who discovers a mysterious black spot on her wall that won’t go away and the relationship that ultimately grows from it.

She asked me to create an image to accompany the pre-production stages of the film. We won’t be using this one, it came out a little feminine, but something along these lines. Oh isn’t collaboration so much fun!thisisshe

Short Shorts

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5In my younger days, of making short films and thinking I was something clever – I made this graphic for myself. Of course now, being an old married lady I have to laugh – but hey!, I still think it’s a great logo! Really an…attention grabber.

Animals: the film

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Here is a poster project I am working on for the feature film – Animals. Hopefully, there will be four that run as a series. I also created the image for the website as a place holder until we have more to share with the world. But that’s all…for now!


A Painting for Rose

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Adoption is expensive. It’s a horrid truth. We are blessed to know a family – adopting a second child! To help with the expenses, I made a painting to be sold at their silent auction.



I didn’t set out to paint anything like this – it just came out! A truly happy accident for a truly happy cause!

X Ray Light Boxes

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xraylightboxApparently, trying to display xrays in your home is not a problem for most people. It was however, for me. So off I went trying to find an inexpensive light box to hang that would be big enough. I came up empty handed.

So I though, how hard would it be to make them? Turns out, it’s pretty complicated. With may a trip to Home Depot, Michaels and a glass store under our belt, we were finally able to put all the pieces together. IMG_4164Including wiring fluorescent…

IMG_1960And minor construction. But damn if wasn’t worth it!

pelvisNow we have two framed light boxes with interchanging xrays over our living room couch! It creates quite the eerie, yet cozy glow to any home!

Mercy Sign

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When I get the idea that I can make something myself, however crazy, I rarely can get that idea out of my stubborn brain. That is precisely what happened when I got the idea to make a lighted sign. I was thinking -

something you could find in the Boneyard in Vegas. So off I go to my favorite place, Home Depot, to see what there is to see. It took about 10 trips to the Depot and four different employee pow wows about electrical, wood types and bulbs, but finally I got to the painting stage.

Basically what you see here is a 6′ x 2.5′ piece of pine that I am painting.This is Grace Rex and I with the final paint job.

And then I drilled the holes and strung the electricity to make it look like this!Turned out better then I thought it would! We figured out a way to mount it on our wall too, which was challenging because I was pretty heavy.
Now it has a happy home hanging over our desks. Lord have Mercy!

Skeleton Pigeon

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I had this giant canvas that was eating away at my soul. I just could not come up with (and stick with) anything that would fit on a canvas larger then I was. 10 months went by and three different designs were sketched out and some even painted – just to have it gessoed over again. It was bad. So I decided to go back to my roots: simple graphics that often include skeletons.

Seeing as I was making it up as I went along, the pigeon came first. Then the flowers, and finally a border to tie it all together.It now looks something like this, hanging on our outside wall. Overall I am happy with my little…well…huge bird. And I broke though the large scale wall!! No canvas is safe from me now!


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